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I’m Sean Garrett. Thank you for exploring my site! You'll see that I have written my own first-person bio rather than having it written by an impersonal third party, because one-on-one connection is what my business is all about, and I would like you to have a more personalized sense of who I am.

As an experienced coach/consultant, I help clients who are moderately-to-highly fluent in English to sharpen communication skills, in order to attain more lucrative careers and more fulfilling personal lives. For details, please see Services and Case Studies.


I hold a BA in Elementary Education from Washington State University, I taught children with various learning challenges in the Seattle Public Schools. My training in education has given me the ability to impart successful techniques to others, laying the foundation for working with adult professionals and academics.


I started my career as a language consultant when I lived in Buenos Aires years ago. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies (then and now) as well as individuals, in complex international communication.


My work-life integration includes other creative and community-building endeavors. For example, I do pro-bono work, educating voters on how to become actively involved in their communities and impact change. I also organize improvisation workshops that help develop people’s creative skills, allowing them to be spontaneous and fluid in their professional and personal lives. This also helps me be fast on my feet with my clients and the myriad of pursuits and goals that they present.


I have a background in theater, voice and music. I founded and was the lead singer of a David Bowie tribute band that performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. (This photo was taken at one of our many performances.)

I live and work remotely, from my home overlooking a lush, tree-filled canyon in San Francisco. I’m grateful to be able to continue building a life in such a beautiful place.

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