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Q: What services do you provide?

A:  Available services include:

  • Crafting communications to build bridges across languages and cultures, towards your specific needs and goals

  • Customized instructions, templates and other guidance for all of your assignments and projects -- for school and work

  • Help with reports, emails, presentations and other types of communications (tailored to your industry or organization)

  • Detailed advice regarding CVs, resumes, and scripts for interviews

  • In-depth development of interpersonal conversation skills, including common idioms, slang and jargon -- with special focus on United States usage

  • For more specific examples, please see Case Studies.

Q: Do you help with work assignments?

A: If you are working on a project or task that your employer does not consider confidential, I can help you perfect the nuances that will show your expertise and diligence in the best possible light.


Q: Do you work with beginner-level English speakers?

A: No. My services require (at least) intermediate-level English skills. 


Q: My language needs are specific to my work/school situation. Can you help me?

A: Yes! Through the years, I’ve trained and mentored a variety of professionals in a number of different industries and organizations.


Q: Can you provide me with tools to help me with my work assignments? Can you help me set up guidelines for work/school assignments, that I can refer to on an ongoing basis?

A: I will help you research templates that apply to your assignments, and I am also experienced with modifying existing templates and helping you create new ones for your specific purposes. Yes, I can develop a customized set of instructions and guidance that you can easily follow, for all of your assignments.


Q: Are you a certified translator or ESL instructor?

A: No. While I am an experienced coach/consultant, I am not certified as a translator or as an ESL instructor. However, my clients find my coaching assistance with their targeted English communication goals so educational that they sometimes refer to my coaching sessions as “lessons”. If you are looking for a class in the mechanics of English, there are a number of organizations that offer certified instruction. If you are seeking a US-based translator, I suggest looking into Bilingva or another organization that you trust.

Q: I see that you are located in California. I live in a different time zone. Do you work outside of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time?

A: Yes, appointments are available early in the morning and late in the evening Pacific Time, and other appointment times as well. The Booking calendar always shows current availability. 


Q: How do I book coaching sessions?

A: Thank you for asking. Please proceed to the Booking page. If you are a new client, I recommend starting with the free 30-minute consultation. 

Q: If I am not satisfied with your services, may I request a refund?

A: No, because the purpose of the initial consultation is to determine whether or not I can be of benefit to you. 

Although it has never happened, if you should find yourself dissatisfied with my services, packages of appointments booked in advance are eligible for refund. If you have booked a package of appointments, I will refund the unused portion at your request. Individual appointments are non-refundable.


Q: Can a friend or significant other/spouse listen in during a session?

A: Yes, however the dynamics and focus are different when another person is present, therefore, I do not recommend it.


Q: If I have booked a prepaid session but discover that I need more time, and you are available: How do I pay for the extra time?

A: Go to the Booking page and buy extra time in 15-minute increments.

Q: Can you help me with further development of interpersonal language skills, the ones I use in everyday conversations with colleagues and friends?

A: Yes, including common idioms, slang and jargon -- with special focus on United States usage.


Q: Do you work with students under 18 years of age?

A: No, I work with adult clients.

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