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These are the recommendations of clients, colleagues and collaborators. Sean Garrett Consulting is a seasoned provider of communication consulting services, including job interview help, professional resume writing services, preparation for TOEFL, help in writing detailed reports, and English conversation practice.

"As my colleague at a multinational cloud provider, Sean had a special role on our customer support team. He was the person to whom team members would go when we needed help with wording or formulating a response to our linchpin customers. 


Sean was always there to take my rough wording, draft writing, and technical notes and help me turn all of that into something highly useful to internal and external clients. Well beyond proofreading, he is talented in asking the probing questions that help the writer identify and prioritize key concepts, in ways that adeptly cross over differences in business cultures and individual personalities.


It was a pleasure working with Sean, and I would love to work with him again or be a private client in the near future."

~Mohamed K.

"Sean is an active collaborator in creating a culture in which clients can develop their creativity and improvisation/play muscles. His work enables clients to be more adaptable in all kinds of settings and situations, including interactions at school or work, and in everyday conversations.


Over the past 28 years, I have mentored Sean in a number of joint projects, especially in the realm of emotional development workshops that focus on creativity and conversation-building exercises.  He is adept at working with a diverse clientele while respecting confidentiality.


As a volunteer, Sean is skilled at active listening that helps build long-lasting community organizations."


~Helen A.

"As Sean’s manager and colleague, I worked with him on the creation of notices, documentation, and responses to our company’s clients. Sean’s input was always greatly valued, as his talent allowed him to look at complex content and then provide feedback about how it might be perceived by many different audiences, including those spanning different languages and cultures. He was able to keep text technical and concise, yet also human and personal through subtle changes in wordings that had never occurred to others. 


Sean’s ability to foster collaboration between diverse groups of technical and non-technical people allows for the drafting and publishing of critical communications in a timely fashion. He is skilled at both helping to avert negative reactions and initiating constructive dialogues. 


As a person, he is easygoing, respectful, genuine, and sincere. I highly recommend Sean as a professional and as a person."


~James H.

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