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who are my clients?
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Ever have the feeling that an assignment, report (etc.) seems unfinished or unpolished, and you don’t know how to fix it? You may have been wondering about the trumpet-playing lemur; this is where the lemur comes into play. The trumpet-playing lemur symbolizes things that may seem impossible to accomplish yet almost never are -- with the help of the right person.

I help clients who are moderately-to-highly fluent in English to sharpen communication skills, in order to attain more lucrative careers and more fulfilling personal lives. 

Services include:

  • Crafting communications to build bridges across languages and cultures, towards your specific needs and goals

  • Communication consulting services to resolve English language challenges such as English conversation deficits

  • Customized instructions, templates and other guidance for all of your assignments and projects -- for school and work

  • Help in writing detailed reports, emails, presentations and other types of communications (tailored to your industry or organization)

  • Professional resume writing services and job interview help, including scripts for interviews

  • In-depth development of conversational English, including common idioms, slang and jargon -- with special focus on United States usage


For more specific service examples, please see Case Studies.

Sean's Logo_tr.png
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