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Are You Unique?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Your CV/resume-writing process can be both creative and factually accurate. Develop different ways to reflect upon and describe your own professional development, and in the process nurture your most effective communication skills.

When describing your experience in a particular skill area, would you say that you are an expert in that area? There is a more nuanced question also worth exploring: If you feel that you cannot accurately describe yourself as an expert in a particular skill area, have you (instead) demonstrated expertise in that area? Have a serious conversation about the differences between “I’m an expert in X” and “I have expertise in X,” and cultivate examples of either or both in documenting your work history. Your coach can help you hone your descriptions.

A work search process is certainly no time for false modesty. Compare your most recent work responsibilities to those of your colleagues. Have you repeatedly led a certain kind of meeting, or performed a certain kind of task with greater frequency than your co-workers? Regardless of whether you were recognized for it, have you been the go-to person for one or more particular areas of responsibility? It just might be the case that you are not the only expert when it comes to unearthing and describing the full breadth of your own areas of expertise, so let’s pull up a chair and discuss all of it.

The moral of this story is always going to be: Yes, by definition, you are unique. Other than our most obvious similarities (e.g., all living persons breathe, humans constantly depend upon each other throughout our existence, etc.), each of us humans are not the exactly the same as the others -- and that extends to the very specific professional experience that you offer to a prospective employer.

Sean Garrett Consulting's clients... not suffer from a lack of communication skills. Instead, clients want to know how to develop a communication plan that includes solutions such as:

  • Solutions for common communication problems

  • Strategies for effective face-to-face communication

  • Change management communications that serve the needs of all interested parties

Learn about SGC's services and plans.


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