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Creativity in Challenging Times

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Lockdowns and economic turbulence notwithstanding, the current pandemic may present unprecedented opportunities for human innovation and advancement. 

Popular attention has been paid to the making of sourdough bread recently, and other creative pursuits have been taken up as millions sequester. The deliciousness of baked goods and the therapeutic possibilities of kitchen adventures aside, some profound originations may be emerging now, probably before governments and leaders fully recognize them.

The quintessentially human activity of making lemons from lemonade, and very possibly finding a myriad of uses for said lemons, certainly has not ceased during the time of COVID. Notice that an unprecedented growth in the global movement for racial justice has emerged -- created from the ground up by people from all kinds of backgrounds, as a response to centuries of festering cruelties. 

And, scores of us Earthlings are developing a decidedly non-theoretical appreciation for the importance of good health, and an amplified interest in promoting it for ourselves and our communities. We may soon see empirically-vetted research describing fresh ideas, new practices and expanded perspectives, specifically motivated by the challenges of the pandemic.

Instead of struggling to get "back to normalcy", we could strive for a "new normal" -- or, even better, devise ways to advance our health and well-being without worrying whether our emerging ideas are "normal" at all. How can each of us chart a course to wellbeing and decency, as individuals and within our communities? What are our emerging solutions for common communications problems?

Take note of your neighbors and their courage to create, and take inspiration for your daily life.


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